Mature enough for a poker platform?

We develop software non-stop for you to profit out-of-the-box


Over 30 types of poker games. Games set implicates Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Chinese and Open Face Chinese poker, Rapid, Mixed games and more. All popular tournaments types are available.

Poker Clubs

Become the owner of clubs and unions and rule all the business processes. Free choice of any business model, full processes management, attractive conditions for clubs.

Crypto Poker

Integrate any cryptocurrency you need even your own one. Get various benefits from cryptocurrency use and comprise anonymous payments. No geofencing & restrictions engage a larger audience.

Casino & Mini-games

Diversify your poker platform with free integration of 600+ mini-games, casino & sportsbook. Boost players retention and life-time value with an innovative approach.

Fully customisable software for any types of devices

30+ popular payment systems.

Ready-made integration with about 30 popular payment systems. You also get cryptocurrency support if needed.

Powerful CRM, bonuses, promotions and jackpots.

Get all the possible instruments for your marketing strategy.

Chips transfer

Chips pass between players is easy. Simple chips give away between owner of club to players as well as between players.

Comprehensive localisation

Make it possible to work with players in their languages (English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, etc).

Advanced affiliate system

Influence on the customer acquisition and make your business grow. Work effectively and comfortably with affiliates and affiliate traffic.

High-performance and scalable server

Adjustable architecture and malfunction protection for your business to run decently.

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